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Schonbek Lighting Crystal, Chandeliers, Sconces, and More

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Since the year 1870, Schonbek Worldwide Lighting Inc has been the forerunner in crafting stunning, high-quality crystal chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. Founded by glasswork veteran, Adolf Schonbek, his mantra was that “pairing crystal and light to make chandeliers was the most spectacular use of this extravagant material”. Since its beginnings, Schonbek has blossomed from a one-man venture into a lighting empire, introducing more and more styles, finishes, and crystal grades every year to their mountainous inventory.

Classically, Schonbek is recognized for its intricate, meticulously designed fixtures. Displayed in both the White House and Buckingham Palace, to name a few spaces, Schonbek chandeliers are built to last and be passed down through the generations. Schonbek offers a whole spectrum of top-of-the-line metal finishes and crystal grades for customers to choose from to create the fixtures of their dreams. Crystals are offered in eight different varieties, in which you can choose from artisan Rock, Heritage, and Optic Handcut crystals, or precisely machine-cut Spectra, Gemcut, and Legacy crystals, amongst others. These crystal arrangements are all held together by masterly crafted metalwork, available in glamorous variations of golds, silvers, pewters, and classic black and white. Choose your fixture in a textured or heirloom finish for a classic, antiquated look, or French or polished for an alluring sheen.

In more recent years, Schonbek has begun incorporating more contemporary and modern fixtures into their catalogue, with the addition of lines such as their “Shadow Dance” and “Quantum” collections. These lines of pendants and chandeliers are configured into assorted sizes, shapes, and colors to not only fit whatever space necessary, but enhance them as well. In 2007, Schonbek merged with crystal experts Swarovski to take their chandeliers to an even higher level of quality. With this came the introduction of the “Geometrix” catalogue, featuring twelve new contemporary, geometric shapes in numerous sizings, available in fifty different colored crystal combinations. Whether your taste be traditional, modern, or transitional, if you have a need for glamour in your home and in your life, look no further than Schonbek Worldwide Lighting.

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